House Bill NO. 1670

                             By Representative(s) Ellzey, Pierce, Taylor

     AMEND by striking lines 9 through 19 in their entirety and by inserting in lieu thereof the following:

     "41-26-101.  (1)  The governing board of any community public water system, of which the members are elected or reelected after June 30, 2001, shall designate one (1) member of the board who shall attend a minimum of eight (8) hours of management training within two (2) years following the designation of that board member.  Any board member failing to complete the management training within two (2) years after his designation shall be subject to removal from the board by the remaining members.  If a board member has undergone training and is reelected to the board,  that person shall not be required to attend training as provided by this subsection."

     AMEND title to conform.