2000 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Jordan, Walls, Harden, Jackson, Simmons, Frazier, Gollott, Hewes, Dawkins, Johnson (19th), Cuevas, Stogner, Browning, Chamberlin, Furniss, Lee, Turner, King, Hyde-Smith, Williamson, Carmichael, Carlton, Nunnelee, Mettetal, Little, Scoper, Harvey, Hamilton, White (5th), Smith, Kirby, Thames, Huggins, Dickerson, Burton, Farris, Chaney, Johnson (38th)

Senate Resolution 43

(As Adopted by Senate)


WHEREAS, Jackson, Mississippi-based soul-blues showman Bobby Rush is regarded as the "best live performer" on the Rhythm and Blues festival and club circuit; and

WHEREAS, this urban storyteller-singer-songwriter-musician-producer-master showman was born Emmett Ellis, Jr., named after his father, a preacher, in 1940 near the rural town of Homer, Louisiana; and

WHEREAS, the Malaco Recording artist has been a mainstay of the southern blues circuit for over 40 years and has written chart-hitting songs in Billboard, Cashbox and Jet magazines, including "Chicken Heads," "Camel Walk," "A Woman Named Trouble," "Niki Hoeky," "What's Good For The Goose is Good For the Gander," "Big Fat Woman" and "Hen Pecked" among many other classics; and

WHEREAS, while Bobby Rush is known for his amazing stage show and outstanding performances on the 21 releases that span his career, few people know of Rush's dedication to his community in Jackson, Mississippi; for years Bobby has taken time off the road to raise money for sickle cell anemia research, child care, school band uniforms and musical equipment and used his tour bus to transport people to the polls on election day and encourages young people to be civic minded and help their communities; and

WHEREAS, Bobby promotes the Blues by participating in the "Blues in the Schools" programs nationwide during Black History Month, visits schools throughout Mississippi and Alabama, and volunteers his own home as an emergency shelter for children leaving the Hinds County Youth Correctional Facility in Raymond, Mississippi; and

WHEREAS, this one of a kind performer has received the following honors: winner of the Critics Choice Award for Best Live Performer for 1999, 1998, 1997 and 1995 by "Living Blues Magazine"; voted U.S. Soul-R&B Performer of the Year 1999 and 1998 by "Real Blues Magazine"; voted Artist of the Year for 1997 by "Bluespeak Magazine"; voted Best Live Performer for 1999 and 1996 by "Real Blues Magazine"; nominated for two W.C. Handy Awards in 1999; nominated for nine W.C. Handy Awards in four years; winner of five Living Blues Awards in 1998; and

WHEREAS, on November 9, 1998, at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, California, Bobby Rush received The Blues Foundation's second annual "B.B. King Blues Hero" Award to recognize a Blues artist whose career has been characterized by community service and charitable activity, under which he donated his honorarium to a program to provide computers for Mississippi classrooms; and

WHEREAS, with professional accomplishments and personal acts of humanitarianism such as these, we are proud and honored to extend congratulations to this adopted Mississippian who is truly a credit to his community, to his art and to the State of Mississippi:

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That we do hereby commend the career and humanitarianism of nationally and internationally known Blues singer Mr. Bobby Rush, and encourage everyone to catch his show.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be presented to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Rush and be made available to the Capitol Press Corps.