2000 Regular Session

To: Committee of the Whole

By: Representatives Ford, Horne

House Resolution 3

(As Adopted by House)


BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI, That the House shall proceed to the election of those members of the Management Committee and the Rules Committee who are elected by caucus beginning at five (5) minutes after recess of the House for that purpose on Tuesday, January 4, 2000, and that such election shall be finalized on January 4, 2000, as follows:

(a) Pursuant to House Rules 11 and 11A, members residing in each congressional district shall meet by caucus as follows:

(i) First District in Room 402 (Insurance Committee Room);

(ii) Second District in Room 302 (Rules Committee Room);

(iii) Third District in Room 103 (Public Health Committee Room);

(iv) Fourth District in Room 114 (Game and Fish Committee Room); and

(v) Fifth District in Room 401 (Apportionment and Elections Committee Room).

(b) Within each congressional district caucus, the member with the most seniority shall convene the caucus and serve as the chair of the caucus during the election of members to each of the two (2) named legislative committees. The caucus shall first elect all of the members for one (1) committee and then elect all of the members for the other committee. In balloting, the vote shall be by viva voce vote. Any candidate for membership on either committee who receives a majority of all votes cast in any ballot in the caucus shall be declared elected as a member of the committee. If, after the first ballot for either committee, there are not two (2) candidates who have received a majority of all votes cast in the caucus, then the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes shall be dropped on each succeeding ballot until two (2) candidates for the committee have each received a majority of all votes cast in the caucus.

(c) Immediately after the election of members to the Management Committee and the Rules Committee, the member convening each district caucus, or such other member as the representatives

participating in each caucus may designate, shall report to the

Clerk of the House of Representatives the election results of the caucus, using the form provided by the Clerk for that purpose.