1997 Regular Session

To: Rules

By: Senator(s) Gunn

Senate Concurrent Resolution 538


WHEREAS, the United States of America originally declared its independence on the premise that all men are created equal; and

WHEREAS, the government was formed to, among other things, ensure domestic tranquility; and

WHEREAS, the country today is echoing with the shrill cries of extremist groups which seem to have little regard for anyone who does not share their beliefs; and

WHEREAS, one of the great strengths of this country has been the ability and willingness of the great majority of its citizens to accommodate diversity; and

WHEREAS, the divisive nature of the rhetoric of extremism is particularly hurtful when the issue of race is involved; and

WHEREAS, responsible citizens should repudiate such rhetoric and seek to promote harmony and cooperation among all our people to the end that justice will flourish and the nation prosper:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSISSIPPI STATE SENATE, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING THEREIN, That we hereby condemn the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Nation of Islam and all groups which advocate the superiority of one race to the detriment of another, and we firmly state our rejection of such ideas.