If You Cannot Download .EXE Files ...

If your system/network administrator has disabled the ability to download or open executable (.exe) files from the internet, then you will need to get their help saving the ABRSFees install file to your computer Desktop or some other download folder. You will then run the ABRSFees install program from your local computer.

1. Click on the link “Download and Install ABRSFees....” 

2. Click the Save option (not Run or Open).

3. In the File Name field at the bottom of the Save window, change the 3-character extension of the ABRSFees install file from ".exe" to ".eee".

4. Save the renamed install file to either your Windows Desktop or a folder on your computer you can get to easily.

5. After the file has been downloaded use My Computer to find that file on your local computer.

6. Rename the ".eee" file extension back to “.exe (The install program will NOT run if the extension is “.eee”.)

7. Double-click on the install file (“abrsfees14_install.exe”) and the installation will run as outlined in the rest of the "Instructions for downloading and installing ABRSFees14."

If you have any other download/install problems or questions, send an email to khaynes@lbo.ms.gov .

Updated September 2011