Mississippi Legislature
2002 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/23/02

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Senate: Double Referred Reports

SB2364  Scenic byways program; authorize creation.                Dearing
           01/23 (S) DR - TSDPCS: HI To AP
SB2578  Highway program; revise the manner in which certain       Dearing
        highway projects are prioritized.                      
           01/23 (S) DR - TSDPCS: HI To AP

Senate: Committee Reports

SB2139  Mississippi Highway 993; designate as the Jerry St. Pe'   Moffatt
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
SB2179  Highways 19 and 15; designate portions as "Veterans       Carmichael
        Highway" and "WWII Veterans Highway".                  
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
SB2371  Highways and bridges; may be memorialized to public       King
        officials who have been out of office for not less than
        10 years.                                              
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
SB2372  Mississippi Highway 42; designate a segment in Forrest    King
        County as the "Evelyn Gandy Parkway."                  
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
SB2385  Handicapped parking; vehicle with handicapped license     Dearing
        plate may be utilized without displaying a windshield  
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
SB2403  Signs; revise the size restriction on certain signs.      Dearing
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
SB2434  U.S. Highway 61; designate a segment in Coahoma County    Furniss
        as "Veterans' Memorial Drive."                         
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
SB2550  U. S. Highway 51; designate a portion in Panola County    Mettetal
        as the "Robert L. 'Bob' Carter Memorial Highway".      
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
SC 505  Const; protect MS Fire Fighters Memorial Burn Center      Furniss
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Do Be Adopted
SC 543  Constitution 153; increase circuit and chancery judge     Tollison
           01/23 (S) Title Suff Adopted Comm Sub

Senate: Floor Actions

HB 866  Agricultural Aviation Licensing Law; revise.              Holland
           01/23 (S) Amended
           01/23 (S) Passed As Amended
           01/23 (S) Returned For Concurrence

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