Mississippi Legislature
2002 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/25/02

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House: Introductions

HC  77  Recognize February 6, 2002, as "Ronald Reagan Day".       Ellington
           01/25 (H) Referred To Rules

House: Committee Reports

HB 251  Social security numbers; state agencies take steps to     Mayo
        prevent inadvertent disclosure.                        
           01/25 (H) Title Suff Do Pass

House: Floor Actions

HB 866  Agricultural Aviation Licensing Law; revise.              Holland
           01/25 (H) Concurred in Amend From Senate

Senate: Introductions

SB3084  Bonds; issue general obligation bonds for a National      Furniss
        Guard Readiness Center in Clarksdale.                  
           01/25 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3085  Appropriation; Rural Fire Truck Acquisition Program,      Cuevas
           01/25 (S) Referred To Appropriations
SB3086  Income tax; increase exemption for National Guard and     Furniss
        Reserve pay.                                           
           01/25 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3087  Lafayette County; may contribute to the Lafayette         Tollison
        County Youth Baseball Association.                     
           01/25 (S) Referred To Local and Private
SB3088  Ad valorem taxation; exempt a portion of the assessed     Williamson
        value of egg houses, pullet houses and broiler houses. 
           01/25 (S) Referred To Finance
SB3089  Income taxation; grant a tax credit for contributions     Jackson
        to certain student aid program.                        
           01/25 (S) Referred To Finance
SR  10  Wanda McAlister, BellSouth Female Sportsman of the        Carmichael
        Year; commend.                                         
           01/25 (S) Referred To Rules
SR  11  Anthony Thomas, BellSouth Male Sportsman of the Year;     Carmichael
           01/25 (S) Referred To Rules

Senate: Floor Actions

SB2026  Special license tags; provide for the issuance of a       White (29th)
        "Choose Life" tag.                                     
           01/25 (S) Committee Substitute Adopted
           01/25 (S) Amendment Failed
           01/25 (S) Passed
SB2371  Highways and bridges; may be memorialized to public       King
        officials who have been out of office for not less than
        10 years.                                              
           01/25 (S) Passed
SB2372  Mississippi Highway 42; designate a segment in Forrest    King
        County as the "Evelyn Gandy Parkway."                  
           01/25 (S) Passed
SB2937  Income tax; extend repealer on income tax credit for      Minor
        certain port charges for using certain port facilities 
           01/25 (S) Passed
SB2951  Forestry; extend repealer on forest acreage tax.          Harvey
           01/25 (S) Passed
SB2979  New Home Warranty Act; repeal provision which provides    Mettetal
        for common law remedies.                               
           01/25 (S) Passed

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