Mississippi Legislature
2002 Regular Session


As of 04/15/02 at 09:54

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HB  92  Community Service Revolving Fund; place stipulations on   Fleming
   %    payments made by offenders.                            
           02/05 (H) Died In Committee
HB 592  Payments by certain offenders to Department of            Ford
 *      Corrections for Community Service Revolving Fund;      
        extend repealer (RP).                                  
           04/01 (H) Died In Conference
HB1121  Corrections; rename the Division of Community Services    Malone
 * %    of the Department of Corrections.                      
           04/08 Due From Governor 04/25/02
SB2361  Community Service Revolving Fund; extend repealer.        Smith
   %       03/20 Approved by Governor
SB2614  All special fund agencies shall be funded through the     Burton
   %    State General Fund; require.                           
           02/05 (S) Died In Committee

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