Mississippi Legislature

2000 Regular Session

House Bill 469

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Description: Crimes; make cruelty to animals a felony.

Bill Text: [Introduced]

History of Actions:

101/20/00(H)Referred To Judiciary B
203/07/00(H)Died In Committee

Background Information:

Effective dateJuly 1, 2000
DeadlineGeneral Bill/Constitutional Amendment
3/5ths vote requiredNo

House Committee:

Principal Author: Robertson

Additional Authors: Barnett (116th), Cameron, Ishee, Ketchings, Mayo, Roberson

Code Sections: A 097-0041-0001, A 097-0041-0005, A 097-0041-0007, A 097-0041-0009, A 097-0041-0011, A 097-0041-0013, A 097-0041-0016, A 097-0041-0017, A 097-0041-0019, A 097-0041-0021

Title: AN ACT TO AMEND SECTIONS 97-41-1, 97-41-5, 97-41-7, 97-41-9, 97-41-11, 97-41-13, 97-41-16, 97-41-17, 97-41-19 AND 97-41-21, MISSISSIPPI CODE OF 1972, TO REVISE CRIMINAL OFFENSES AND FINES RELATED TO CRUELTY TO ANIMALS; AND FOR RELATED PURPOSES.

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