Mississippi Legislature

1999 Regular Session


As of 04/28/99 at 14:06

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HB 113  Youth court; create uniform system in county courts.      Blackmon
   %       02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB 441  Teen court program; authorize Adams County to             Ketchings
   %    establish.                                             
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB 477  Youth Court; revise intake and provide for youth court    Warren
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB 765  Youth court; revise jurisdiction regarding age.           Perry
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB 766  Youth court; provide jurisdiction over DUIs involving     Perry
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1117  Youth court; authorize a fee to be paid to expert         Fredericks
           02/02 (H) Died In Committee
HB1163  Youth court; board of supervisors to administer           Bozeman
 *      (Hinds).                                               
           03/02 (S) Died In Committee
HB1467  Youth court; provide funds and support for referees and   Warren
 *      county courts.                                         
           03/29 (H) Died In Conference
HB1484  Appropriation; salaries for youth court                   Warren
        administrator/intake officer.                          
           02/24 (H) Died In Committee
SB2289  Youth Court Act; technical corrections.                   Bean
 *         03/15 Approved by Governor
SB2301  DUI; revise jurisdiction of youth court.                  Turner
   %       02/02 (S) Died In Committee
SB2302  Youth court; revise jurisdiction.                         Turner
           02/02 (S) Died In Committee
SB2634  Youth court; revise appointment and compensation of       Hall
        support staff.                                         
           02/02 (S) Died In Committee
SB2842  Youth court; revise witness fees.                         Turner
           03/16 Approved by Governor
SB2922  Youth court; pilot program for district attorney to       Smith
        prosecute in certain districts.                        
           02/02 (S) Died In Committee
SB2988  County court; allow certain counties option to create,    Turner
 * %    enact state funding support of youth court (Council    
           04/01 (S) Died In Conference
SB2991  Youth court; create magistrate district system.           Farris
           02/02 (S) Died In Committee
SB3031  Youth courts; create 11-county pilot program of           Smith
        state-funded judges and prosecutors.                   
           02/02 (S) Died In Committee

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