Mississippi Legislature

1999 Regular Session

House Bill 554

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Description: Prison Overcrowding Emergency Powers Act; extend repealer on.

History of Actions:

101/06/99(H)Referred To Penitentiary
201/26/99(H)Title Suff Do Pass
402/05/99(H)Transmitted To Senate
502/09/99(S)Referred To Corrections
603/01/99(S)Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
803/03/99(S)Passed As Amended
903/04/99(S)Returned For Concurrence
1003/17/99(H)Decline to Concur/Invite Conf
1103/18/99(H)Conferees Named Malone,Coleman (29th),Dickson
1203/24/99(S)Conferees Named Huggins,Dickerson,Stogner
1303/28/99(H)Conference Report Filed
1403/28/99(S)Conference Report Filed
1503/29/99(H)Conference Report Adopted
1603/30/99(S)Conference Report Adopted
1704/06/99(H)Enrolled Bill Signed
1804/07/99(S)Enrolled Bill Signed
1904/21/99Approved by Governor

Amendments/Conference Report:

Adopted [S] Amendment No 1

Conference Report

Background Information:

Effective dateJuly 1, 1999
DeadlineGeneral Bill/Constitutional Amendment
3/5ths vote requiredNo
Chapter number537

House Committee:

Senate Committee:

Principal Author: Ford

Code Sections: R 047-0005-0701, R 047-0005-0703, R 047-0005-0705, R 047-0005-0707, R 047-0005-0709, R 047-0005-0711, R 047-0005-0713, R 047-0005-0715, R 047-0005-0717, R 047-0005-0719, R 047-0005-0721, R 047-0005-0723, R 047-0005-0725, R 047-0005-0727, R 047-0005-0729, A 047-0005-0731

Title: AN ACT TO REENACT SECTIONS 47-5-701, 47-5-703, 47-5-705, 47- 5-707, 47-5-709, 47-5-711, 47-5-713, 47-5-715, 47-5-717, 47-5-719 47-5-721, 47-5-723, 47-5-725, 47-5-727 AND 47-5-729, MISSISSIPPI CODE OF 1972, WHICH CONSTITUTE THE PRISON OVERCROWDING EMERGENCY POWERS ACT; TO AMEND SECTION 47-5-731, MISSISSIPPI CODE OF 1972, TO EXTEND FROM JULY 1, 1999, TO JULY 1, 2001, THE DATE ON WHICH THE PRISON OVERCROWDING EMERGENCY POWERS ACT WILL BE REPEALED; AND FOR RELATED PURPOSES.

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