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1999 Regular Session

Daily Action Report for 01/11/99

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House: Introductions

HB 786  Federal highway monies; revise apportionment among        Green (34th)
           Referred To Transportation
HB 787  Homestead exemption; increase tax loss reimbursement to   Green (34th)
           Referred To Appropriations
HB 788  Sales tax; transfer portion of growth to counties.        Green (34th)
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 789  School counselors; pay annual supplement for National     Stringer
        Certified School Counselor Endorsement.                
           Referred To Education;Appropriations
HB 790  Gulfport; revise purpose for expenditure of allocation    Simpson
        of monies from Tidelands Fund.                         
           Referred To Appropriations
HB 791  Crime Victims' Compensation Act; revise to allow          Frierson
        certain claim.                                         
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB 792  Managed health care plans; prohibit disclosure            Howell
        restrictions against participating providers.          
           Referred To Insurance
HB 793  Milk; transfer regulatory responsibility from the         Holland
        Department of Agriculture to the Board of Health.      
           Referred To Agriculture
HB 794  Drainage districts; revise time in landowner's favor      Simpson *
        before property taken for improvements.                
           Referred To Conservation and Water Resources
HB 795  Guardian; revise bond and oath.                           Watson
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB 796  Joint and several liability; revise.                      Watson
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB 797  Corrections; revise 85% mandatory sentencing by           Watson
        excluding nonviolent crimes.                           
           Referred To Penitentiary
HB 798  Venue; revise in certain criminal cases.                  Watson
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB 799  Security guards; provide for licensing.                   Dedeaux
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB 800  Increase number of passenger vehicles authorized for      Foster
        several agencies.                                      
           Referred To Appropriations
HB 801  Bail; persons under 18 arrested for alcohol offenses      Moore
        may be bailed only by parent or guardian.              
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB 802  Open enrollment; authorize students to attend any         Ketchings
        school within district.                                
           Referred To Education
HB 803  Agricultural Seed Law; authorize Commissioner of          Holland
        Agriculture to conduct hearings and impose penalties.  
           Referred To Agriculture
HB 804  Egg Marketing Board; revise membership.                   Holland
           Referred To Agriculture
HB 805  Assessments on rice grown in the state for rice           Holland
        promotion; reenact and extend repealer.                
           Referred To Agriculture
HB 806  Grain dealers law; revise bonding requirements and        Holland
        require fee for license.                               
           Referred To Agriculture
HB 807  Mississippi Bird Dealers Licensing Act; change            Holland
        administration of to Board of Animal Health and the    
        State Veterinarian.                                    
           Referred To Agriculture
HB 808  Reckless endangerment; create offense.                    Ryan
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB 809  False identification; crime to give to law enforcement    Ryan
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB 810  Judges; revise 1st Chancery and Circuit Court Districts   Moss
        to create posts within districts.                      
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB 811  Pharmacy discount cards; cannot be issued unless          Howell
        issurer pays portion of discount given by pharmacy.    
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
HB 812  Campaigns; unlawful for candidates to publish false       Howell
           Referred To Apportionment and Elections
HB 813  Fuel tax; provide penalty for using untaxed fuel on       Williams
        state highway construction site.                       
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 814  Corporation franchise tax; clarify method used by         Williams
        certain holding corporations to determine portion of   
        capital excluded from.                                 
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 815  Alcoholic beverages; allow limited purchases by certain   Williams
        permittees from package retailers outside the          
        permittee's county (STC).                              
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 816  Ad valorem taxes; authorize STC to require that county    Williams
        assessment rolls be prepared and maintained on         
        electronic media (STC).                                
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 817  Alcoholic beverages; delete requirement that applicant    Williams
        for alcoholic beverage permit  read and write the      
        English language (STC).                                
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 818  Divorce; require counseling of parents of children        Rotenberry
        under age 15.                                          
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB 819  Appropriations; Archives and History for contribution     Martinson
        to Women in Military Service Memorial Foundation for   
        national memorial.                                     
           Referred To Appropriations
HB 820  Money management skills; include in certain secondary     King
        level courses.                                         
           Referred To Education
HB 821  Check Cashers Law; make various amendments and extend     Guice
           Referred To Banks and Banking
HB 822  County jails; establish and mandate training standards    Green (34th)
        for county jail officers.                              
           Referred To County Affairs;Appropriations
HB 823  Public school classrooms; require brief period of quiet   Broomfield
           Referred To Education
HB 824  Mississippi Business Investment Act; revise entities to   Morris
        which DECD may make loans for low to moderate income   
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 825  Public utility districts; authorize free service to       Compretta
        county agencies and volunteer fire departments.        
           Referred To Public Utilities
HB 826  Trees; increase time for recovery of damages for          Eaton
        cutting trees without owner's consent.                 
           Referred To Agriculture
HB 827  Physicians; Medical Licensure Board may assess costs      Holden
        against in disciplinary actions.                       
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
HB 828  Child abuse; if child under age 7 dies, autopsy           Holden
           Referred To Judiciary B
HB 829  Corporations; business judgment rule and liability of     Holden
        directors (BLAG).                                      
           Referred To Judiciary A
HB 830  Podiatrists; increase annual license renewal fee and      Holden
        use portion to aid impaired licenses.                  
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
HB 831  Medical Licensure Board; authorize to use unmarked        Holden
        vehicles for investigative use.                        
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare
HB 832  Income tax; provide credit for certain reforestation      Eaton
           Referred To Ways and Means
HB 833  State employees; repeal provision requiring payment on    Capps
        a delayed basis twice per month.                       
           Referred To Fees and Salaries of Public Officers
HC  47  Amend Constitution; allow 10-2 verdict in certain         Ketchings
        criminal cases.                                        
           Referred To Constitution
HC  48  Amend Constitution; revise list of crimes for             Ketchings
           Referred To Constitution
HC  49  Amend Constitution; limit legislative spending mandates   Green (34th)
        for local government.                                  
           Referred To Constitution

House: Referred Other House

SB2126  Medicaid; increase home leave days for ICFMR services     Bean
           Referred To Public Health and Welfare;Appropriations
SB2211  Local Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Fund;         Little
        increase # of eligible bridges & mandate funding       
        through 2008.                                          
           Referred To Transportation;Appropriations

Senate: Committee Reports

HC  22  Commend utility workers for dedication during outages     Ford
        caused by the Christmas Eve ice storm.                 
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
HC  23  Joint session; hear address by the Governor on January    Horne
        12, 1999.                                              
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
SC 513  Jackson Prep's National Merit Semifinalists; commend.     Hall
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
SC 519  Allison Kellogg; commend as 1999 Mississippi Junior       Johnson (19th)
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted
SC 522  Milken Family Foundation Education Awards; commend Ms.    Harvey
        Helen Milloy of Collins.                               
           Title Suff Do Be Adopted

Senate: Floor Actions

HC  23  Joint session; hear address by the Governor on January    Horne
        12, 1999.                                              
           Transmitted To House
SB2381  Retirement; revise calculation of PERS additional         Bryan
        annual benefit.                                        
           Transmitted To House

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