Mississippi Legislature

1997 Regular Session

Subject: REAL ESTATE-including Agents and Commission

As of 12/08/97 at 11:59

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HB   7  Realtors and bankers; prohibit from requiring use of      Perkins
        preselected attorneys in real estate transactions.     
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
HB  81  Real estate; revise broker and salesperson license        Morris
        requirements and appeals.                              
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
HB 205  Real Estate Consumer's Agency and Disclosure Act;         Frierson
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
HB 869  Real Estate Commission; to approve real estate broker     Frierson
        and salesperson courses.                               
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
HB1367  Real estate; revise seller's disclosure form.             Frierson
           03/04 (S) Died In Committee
HB1498  Real Estate Appraiser and Certification Act; revise       Wells-Smith
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
HB1515  Income tax; repeal law requiring buyer to withhold        Morris
        certain percentage of sales price in certain property  
           02/04 (H) Died In Committee
SB2612  Real estate broker license; commission may approve        Hewes
        courses for.                                           
           02/04 (S) Died In Committee
SB2631  Real estate brokers; increase license renewal fees.       Hewes
   %       03/04 (H) Died In Committee
SB2857  Economic development districts; employ real estate        Hewes
 * %    brokers and appraisers.                                
           03/27 Approved by Governor
SB3029  Real estate transfer disclosure requirements law; apply   Hewes
        only to certain real property.                         
           03/25 Approved by Governor
SB3097  Appropriation; Miss. Real Estate Commission;              Hall
        Additional, FY97.                                      
           03/25 Approved by Governor

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